Sunday, November 23, 2008

a Cool Sunday in Late November

Going to see Roberto at Rocco's was my plan for this morning. I cancelled it. I'll wait until tomorrow when more buses are running and I can stop at the Esquillino Market for more pistachios.

Instead I'd go to Trastevere.

One block down from via Julia is the grafi gioiellieri argentieri dell alma citta di Roma, and historici archive dated 1593. just another plaque to ponder. a jewelery place of old in the soul of Roma.

On Lungo Tevere, the street above the river that winds through the city, the holes in the sidewalk caused by the roots of sycamore trees must be eight inches deep. You have to watch where you’re walking.

I crossed Ponte Sisto, the foot bridge to Trastevere. There is no date on the bridge, but it’s old. very old. Tevere is the name of the river. Why does English have to change it? American’s come here looking for the Tiber. If you ask which way is it o the river be aware that it winds and on one block it is East, another West, and so on.

I found Isa’s coffee bar and by the time I ordered coffee Giacomo had arrived. We both coffee’d up. After a bit of chat with Isa, he and I went to his house for lunch. Virginia came home from a morning’s shopping at the Porta Portuese flee market. At that market there are bargains for the experienced, and the old shell game for the inexperienced. We ate rice and potatoes and some broccoli. Of course we drank wine.

I worked on Virginia’s computer for an hour or so. It needed help. Her grandson, little Adreas was fourteen, now magically twenty, and has the computer loaded with games. The Italians sure are kind to their offspring. Adreas has two computers of his own, but has to load up grandmas also.

Last week Giacomo told me that Marco, Virginia’s sister’s husband, was the cinematographer for Camora, a film about the Naples mafia and it’s up for an Oscar. Today I learn that his wife’s son by a previous marriage, Mateo, is the Director of the film.

On my way home Giacomo walked with me back to Isa’s again where we both had the traditional after lunch coffee. As he left I told him that I live more in one morning in Roma than I do in six months in Ohio.

It was overcast and 41 degrees when I left this morning. Now it's a sunny 53. I wore a hat.

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