Saturday, November 22, 2008

got a little lost

I missed the bus cause I stopped to look at an old house on our streetr, Via Cappellari. I must have passed that house a thousand times, but today I had to look at it. 1781 was the date the son or gandson put on it in a stone plaque. that was the year of the first restoration. Just another old place, but looked good. Hasn't been made to appear new.

Caught the next bus and on Via Nationale, the main street up from the central Piazza Venezia, they are laying new cobblestones. The street was rougher than a cob. How they lay the stones by hand, and in nice arcing patterns? I just put a question mark and ended it there. That says it all.

After breakfast at Rocco’s I caught the metro for Lepanto. First I took line A. then got off after one stop when I determined I was going the wrong way. Had a very hard time finding line B. Found it and went down. There I figured out I should be on line A going the other way, so I made my way back, crossed the street again, entered line A and took it back to where I began.

Had to exit and nearly pay for the third time, but I talked my way out of it and got back to another line A. This a little known off shoot of the regular line A. I took it and five minutes later popped out of the metro and was there. Where? Lost again, of course.

I asked several people where Via Fabio Massimo was. No one knew. I saw a cop talking on the cell phone while sitting in his car. He told me to wait a moment while he finished talking. Then I asked him where Via Fabio Massimo was. He explained that he was from another part of the city and didn’t know his way around there any more than AI did. Was he joy riding on his free time in uniform in a company car? I didn’t ask him that.

Finally a shop keeper started me in the right direction. And, it turned out to be the right direction. I found the store I was looking for.

Later when I started for home, I walked one block and was on a very familiar corner. One we frequent a lot. Coming at it from the other way, I was lost. Hey, even after twenty years one can not know both ends of every street in the Eternal City.

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