Saturday, November 22, 2008

manly food

I bought some cherry tomatoes the other day at the big market by the train staion, called the Termini. The market is Esquillino. Not a great part of town, hence a great spot for the city’s largest and best fresh vegetable market.

this account is about the little supper I made myself. Okay, so…I chopped about fifteen cherry tomatoes. Now we ate them all summer long in Ohio. Fine tomatoes, and these were firm when I bought them. I was concerned until I tasted one. Such taste. Firm, yes. Taste - to write about.

I bought some Queen Camilia cheese yesterday. That’s not the precise name, well it is the name but not the type. Some one reading this will know what it is. It is a wonderful . . . cheese. Soft and white. M. will have to read this and comment. She will mention what kind of cheese it is. Cow cheese. I know that much. Muca. (that means cow), wow.

Okay, so. I cut the fifteen cherry tomatoes in half, added persimilo, whatever that green leaf is called in English I don’t know, and I cut up a large clove of fresh raw, uncooked garlic and added that. (when M. is not eating I can get wild)
Basil. I added a lot of those leaveS. Also fresh. Then balsamic vinegar. Then fine virgin olive oil.

The only salt I had was the large grain used for adding to boiling pasta water. I sprinkled a bit over all. Then I sprinkled a lot of hot chili pepper flakes over everything.

I bought a small round of soft pizza bread and had that in one hand as I ate. The other hand alternated between a fork and a glass of cheap red table wine (all wine is good in Roma).

That’s it. I made some rice a week ago, but I’ll eat the rest of it tomorrow. Today I feasted.

I wrote this because the meal was knock-my-socks-off good.

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Waiting for the Big Giant said...

Queen Camilla is a manufacturer's name. It's a cheap version of mozzarella di buffala, but it's made with cow's milk, not water-buffalo milk, which is what the really good stuff is made from.
mucca is cow. i don't know what muca is.
"prezzemolo" is parsley
i can't believe you used sale grosso on your salad!