Saturday, November 22, 2008

world is small, soup is good

I stopped at Rocco’s by the Termini (train station) for breakfast this morning, primarily to see Roberto. He’s working afternoons again, so I missed him a second time. I was going to the Esquillio Market for more pistachios to keep my weight up, but the 70 bus didn’t come. Last Saturday I made the same mistake. They run fewer buses on the weekend. That’s okay. I still have some of the two pounds of nuts I bought last week, and if I put weight on, I’ll have to take it off; though I’d prefer not to have to give up pistachios.

One of the workers at Rocco’s is Claudia, from Romania. She was looking at the photo on the postcard I sent to Rocco’s from Ohio last August. It Shows grazing cows in the foreground and a large red barn in the back ground. She asked it that was my house. Stephano, way on the other side of the room, making pizza, laughed out loud.

On the return bus I sat with three Spanish students who are studying English in London and are here for a sightseeing weekend in Roma. They were on their way to the Vatican museum. What a life. What a world.

Right now I’m going down to the market at Campo Dei Fiori to see if Maria, Maximo’s mother, has the minestra, cut vegetables, ready. With the temperature 54, It’s another good soup day.

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