Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Immaculate

you want to see some people, you should have been here yesterday. It was the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Romans call it the Immaculate, that’s all. Right to the core, no messing around.

Well, the Immaculate was a three day weekend for the rest of Italy, that’s how they looked at it. Monday was off and that was the weekend to drive to Roma from anywhere else, and they did. Oh my, the traffic. I mention traffic because that’s all we could see to measure the weekend. In cars and walking, they were out in full.

I can never see this coming before it happens and it seems so obvious afterwards. The holiday hit a Monday, that must have pushed the holiday into the category of big event. This was the “travel to Roma weekend”. Before this weekend there was little going on. The city was sleeping. A few tourists, not many. Shopping was down, restaurants too. Then this weekend and suddenly everything overflowed with people.

Yesterday we crossed through Piazza Navona. That’s the large piazza with three wonderful fountains by Bernini, among other attributes for heading there. It has been a must see gathering spot for hundreds of years, and everyone came by yesterday afternoon.

The venders were out in full selling food, up one side, trinkets, down the other, and games of chance for a stuffed animal prize. It was full blown cotton candy in your hair carnival atmosphere. Complete with a merry go round in the middle. What a frolic, what a freak, what a fair, what a crowd, what fun just to see. Well behaved people, and a lot of them. And in the crowd of thousands I saw just one overtired little girl throwing a fit for her mother.

Now with the Immaculate out of the way we can look forward to the rest of the holiday season

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