Thursday, December 4, 2008

rain days

The Bangladeshi appear like magic in groups of five or ten, to sell umbrellas at the first drop of rain. You can depend on it. Sunshine, they're out selling garlic. A drop of rain and there they are with umbrellas. How do they do that? They must have the rights to that enterprise and trucks circling the city loaded with umbrellas.

I could be standing there covered hat to toe in foul weather gear, boots and all, but if I'm not carrying an umbrella they're going to try to sell me one. If I'm carrying an umbrella and it isn't up, they'll try to sell me one. We've had five days of rain now. According to friends, this is the month for rain and dampness. Colds and the flu are making the rounds too, right behind the umbrella salesmen.

Some of the storms had large hail and strong winds like I haven’t seen before in Roma. Today I broke out my mailman shoes. Sporty? No. They’re large, black and heavy, but waterproof. Great in foul weather. I feel safe. They look like I have boats on my feet.

Addendum: On the way home this evening in torrential downpour, carrying my umbrella, holding it tight against the wind. An umbrella salesman asked me if I wanted to buy one of his, a bigger umbrella.


TomC said...

Forgive me. Since you point out that they look like "boats" on your feet I can only guess that you must have got them on 'sail'.

jack sender said...

For give you?
If I forgive you
then I have to forgive all sorts of people.
Can’t I just fine you, sentence you,
then offer you a pardon?
Of course, it still has to go on your permanent record,
as long as we both shall blog.