Monday, March 16, 2009

Out of Town

We drove north to Toscana again this weekend. This time to Bagni Di Lucca where Giacomo Puccini often spent summers. It’s small, clean, cool and still not crowded. Off the usual tourist trail.

Our hotel man also had an apartment available for the same price, so we took it. The Internet connection was there. After I found a computer store for a cable I needed, I returned to find the Internet connection still in the apartment, but it wasn’t hooked to anything.

My wife tried the TV to find a menu for hundreds of channels, but none of them worked. The man from the hotel came over to find the same thing. Neither Internet or TV worked.

In the kitchen we found everything lacking. Evidently everything was new, recently updated and completely untested. But it looked good. All of this we discovered after our shopping trip to the supermarket for a weekend’s supplies.

We lasted one night in the apartment, spent one night at the hotel and came back to Rome a day early. Bagni Di Lucca was fine. The river rushes through it. However, we are too much of the city and expect things to work in big city fashion.

The weekend was not a loss, as we took as side trip up a nearby mountain to a charming village where we talked with several residents. Even out there in the wilderness their Italian is better, that is, more clearly pronounced that that of the Romans. Tuscany is where Italian originated with the efforts of Dante and others who broke the tradition of writing only in Latin.

The village area was in thick forest with water gushing down a river and from several crevices along the winding road. If I wasn’t such a city guy now, I could live there. This place did have a sign saying the Internet was coming.

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