Friday, April 17, 2009

this is the life

It took a while for me to figure it out. It was the song, middle of the night radio stuff, cause if I wake I often put on my headsets and turn on the radio.

And someone somewhere near rome is playing this over and over. Every now and then i hear it and it sticks with me.

This morning I checked Youtube and found what I've been hearing over and over by Amy Mcdonald .

Maybe I should say "This morning I youtubed" and make it a verb cause Google bought it. This is all a big DAH for you, but we're in Rome unplugged from the mainstream media. We're in Burlisconiville, a long way from anywhere.

I did see yesterday that John Madden is hanging it up, and that's good. I worked with him in the early 90's and it was not . . . give me a word . . . it wasn't much. I remember it barely. He was in a foul mood and didn't talk to anyone. He was old and worn out back then.


Annie King said...

I've never heard the song before today, and it definitely sticks in your head.

jack sender said...

i thought maybe it was a popular tune.

yes it is sticky, so to speak. that's why i had to get up in the morning and find it.

now i have to play it again.

Julie said...

It's crazy how a song can replay in the mind all day long. She's got a great voice. Hey, you coined a new word!

jack sender said...

sometimes it's a new word

sometimes it's my lousy spelling

excuse me, i mean to call it
my personalized way of spelling