Monday, April 5, 2010

Out of Rome

Here we are out of Roma. Nearly a week out of the chaos and old buildings and traffic that is Rome.

We took our car to a location four hours south. With traffic slowdown and road construction on the autostrada it turned into an eight hour drive, but while heading for our vacation spot we had no rush and little worry about the hours lost.

In general, Italians rush on the road. Well, not all. It might be correct to say that, like in America, about half do. Here in Italy the serious rushers are easy to spot cause they pass me on the highway like my car is standing still.

Now in our favorite hotel on the Mediterranean, south of Roma, south of Naples we are at rest, at least until we wake in the morning. Then it starts.

First we breakfast and then we compute. There are always morning computing chores. Computing has become an obligation - like making the bed.

Then we hit the road and join the confusion and see the sights. M.’s counter blog (Waiting for the Big Giant) is covering some of our doings.

I don’t want to publicize this place and encourage change. That will happen soon enough with the growth of population and with the passing years as more people reach to find civility and peace. Of all the wonderful places and meals we’ve enjoyed in twenty years of exploring Italy, some of the most memorable of our times have been found right here.

Yesterday evening we were on the village boardwalk, near the sea at sundown, the traditional time and place for everyone to make the walk to greet friends and be in the group. It seemed as if everyone in the village was out that hour to do the walk-around under the windless golden light of the setting sun. It was a crowd like a great parade, and it’s a regular Sunday early evening event. It has been the gathering tradition for many lifetimes. Something wonderful to witness and be apart of. They turn out, they walk, then go home for the evening meal.

The sun and sounds of the water on the shore is ours only a brief time. Instead of writing more now I will take what time we have here to quietly enjoy.

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