Friday, April 9, 2010

Return to Roma

We returned from southern Italy, and Rome is so hard and fast and so easy to sink into, like favorite comfortable slippers. Being back, my newly developed dislike for this city lasted until we parked the car. Then we were out of traffic and home again in the middle of everything chaotic and wonderful. That was Wednesday. We unpacked and slept.

Thursday was catch-up, clean-up day. Friday after some work on our renewal of permission to reside in Italy we had lunch at Pasquali’s. We got there before the meal rush hour. Pasta was exquisite porcini mushrooms and sausage in grey sauce over short rigatoni. Prepared to perfection by the regular cook, Pasquali's daughter. The meal went down well with a dash of red wine and brought me the rest of the way back from vacation. There are good things to eat here in Rome.

I went to art class this afternoon, but did nothing. Planned for next week. Next time. We have some photos of early morning fishermen as seen from our vacation hotel room balcony. I’ll examine our photos well and plan for an engraving that will happen next week. By then my head will be fully clear, or mostly clear of the fantasy of murmuring sea.

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Marja said...

Hi Jack Thanks for visiting me.
That sounds all exciting. Italy is one of my favourite countries although I never went further than the dolomites. I love the italien food too and andrea bocelli
and eroz ramazotti. Ciao