Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back Looking

Looking back to see which way we’ve come this decade past. Some things we’ve done are better than others. Isn’t that the way.

A friend gave me a leather bound diary for Christmas. It has a damn daily calendar for 2011, so it’s now or never, or I start scratching out the dates.

Nine days into the new year and my back is to the wall. I’ve already missed days. Not missed them really, just have blank ones, and I don’t even drink excessively. Call them non-entry days. Like the orbiter going around again because of bad weather at the Cape.

How am I doing here? Are you afore me or again’ me? Doesn’t matter. Look, I don’t have time for your reply. It’s time for our Sunday Chinese food. Doing my part in getting ready for the wave of the future.

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