Thursday, November 24, 2011

remembering grandmother

streaming along the Sabine hills of Italy in light traffic and as she looks out over the hills I hear her say - “Tona sheea, bucka shaya.”

I heard her, that was enough. No need for me to ask or repeat the words. Maybe i said them low to myself. I knew that phrase, and smiled. The thought, the words, from out of time, have been carried to another continent now.

Her grandmother repeated the words occassionally. I heard her say them, and when someone asked she said it was a phrase she remembered from Globe Arizona days. She came from Texas to Globe with her father and mother on an open wagon before there were highways when she was a little girl, and used to play with the Apache kids so very long ago. It means 32 head of buffalo.

Meri and I were silent then, streaming along the Sabine hills and we remembered Grandmother.

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