Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bus Drivers

Roman bus drivers don’t give a good impression. Recently we were in Zurich where the driver got on the bus boarded, faced the interior of the bus and said good morning to the passengers quickly and politely and then took his seat. In Rome drivers sneak on the bus as if no one was aboard or aware and that is it. They sit down and drive off.

This year in Rome the driving has been noticeably quicker, rougher, bouncier and with even less regard for passengers. Almost daily I have seen people at bus stops having doors closed on them before they could get aboard. They stand at the door looking dismayed. Then the bus leaves with them standing at the curb.

It is getting rougher out there. It is apparent. Adding to the tension of driving on the city streets there is labor strife between the government and truck, taxis and bus drivers over proposed changes in regulations and, by God, the bus drivers are gong to show you how angry they are.

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