Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the street interview

Giacomo and I were just outside Piazza Campo Dei Fiori at the corner of the Cancelleria and Via Dei Pelligrino. He rode over from Trastevere on his bicycle to see me. We were walking over to a local place for a coffee. A TV crew appeared out of nowhere, suddenly in front of us and the lovely young woman with the mic began explaining that she wanted to ask questions , specifically concerning erotic sexual desires. Giacomo and I were in no hurry so we stood there listening to her.

She was an inch from me and as she spoke her piece; I kept my mouth closed and did my best to appear to be listening and understanding. She said that she wanted to know what were our erotic desires and fantasies. I got that part of he question without a problem.

Giacomo was still standing there so it looked like we were a go for this interview. The camera was steady, handled well by a fellow. Another part of the group, a young man with papers in his hand was off to the side watching. The Interview woman spoke well and seemed in control. She was attractive, short well kempt dark hair, about thirty years old.

She finished her piece and I knew it was time for me to say something. She only had to wait a second when I started talking about being on a hill overlooking the Phillipine Sea on the island of Guam in the Pacific. They hadn’t quit videoing, it was obvious I was a foreigner and they were okay with that.

I didn’t know were I was going with what I had started. In my head I was more concerned about speaking well and being understood. I finished whatever I said and the mic turned to Giacomo and he spoke for a while. He said something about women from Brazil and then it was over.

Then we each signed release forms for the TV station. That was it. They didn’t say when it will be used, but we can watch channel 7 until we see it, if we want. Later at home I checked the TV listings for LA7, but didn’t see anything that could be an interview program; so that was it unless an agent calls and money starts coming in the mail.

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Marja said...

lol that was a strange experience. We had a TV crew following us ages ago in Malaysia. We met them again in different places We didn't have to say anything They just kept filming