Thursday, February 2, 2012

ready ahead

Here is Rome it was announced on the evening news that schools will be closed tommorrow and Saturday because the weather forecast is for snow. Wait, maybe they know something. Up north, in Milano, they already have what looks like a foot of it. Trains have been slowed or stopped in places.

Most every year Rome has an accumulation that lasts about a half hour, enough to make people walk out of shops and look at it. This time they expoect it could be more serious.

There was eight or ten inches or so of snow that fell on Rome in 1985. I saw they showed film of it during the evening news. I have a photo of it on the wall. Officials want to be ready in case it happens again. If it does, no doubt it will slow things up, but we'll deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's better ! What don't you need to go out in this time.
Where would you like to go under the snow ?

jack sender said...

the Anonymous comment is from the stalker. They are usually thrown away.