Thursday, March 1, 2012

hey, psst - mr lucky

I got a piece of pizza to go. That means a munchable slice with paper wrapped around it. Rosso - that's just red sauce; I had to tell you cause I knew you were wondering.

Then M. and I had coffees. no problem. The coffees were due lungi, two longs don’t make a right, oh sorry about the misspent attempt at humor. Two long coffees are what we had, and longs are a few drips bigger than the regular shrimpy drips you get when you order a normal coffee.

So I put a five euro bill on the counter while I ate and sipped, and got four-twenty back. Outside I checked the receipt. I never really checked the change, just put it in my pocket, but the bill said I paid eighty cents – that’s the regular price for one coffee.

Now the dilemma: Should I run back inside, wait until he has a moment and tell him he didn’t charge me enough?

Maybe if I told him, the guy has a lot of pride and would feel offended; also if he makes frequent errors another one could sink his already wavering self esteem. And If the boss is there he could hear the guy made an error, and the guy could already be in a poor position with the owner and this infraction could sink his money boat, right out the door.

If I crumple the receipt and forget about it, then maybe the world will get some kind of beneficial turbo spin into the land of Better. I thought about it and that didn’t seem possible, but I crumpled the receipt anyway and threw it in the trash can.

The place is Pizzeria Calignano Maria Cristina at via P.D. Ottavia 5 - if you feel lucky.


Annie said...

Hi Jack,
You think like I think. You want to do the right thing. It's not like you don't want to pay the extra, but we can't help thinking of all of the ramifications, and the time lost, and the people waiting in line while the mistake is being corrected, and the poor guy behind the counter and the impact on the appearance of his job performance, etc... Oh, the weight of responsibility, when you have both a conscience, and common sense.

TomC said...

Thanks for the address. I plan to send them a note to inform them they have been scammed by a nefarious Ohioan. "Jack the Coffee Ripper" they'll be calling you, and you won't be getting any more Rosso on your pizza either. Its my civic duty.

And the Google code today is "Seadva Tgoth", which by sheer coincidence is the name of the guy they are going to send after you.