Tuesday, February 11, 2014

went to the market

Went to the market and bought a lot of things.  Not cans and bottles, but cheeses and bread and fresh stuff, fruit a little.  We always have a list, or at least a good idea of the things we're going for.  But shopping develops at the market, an internal combustion powered on the energy of the people there, a lot of them..  It is always a look around, walk around, get what looks good sorta shopping at Trionfale.  

The old market was out of doors helter-skelter like a traveling carnival.  The new market is inside set up like a checkerboard, four stalls to a square.  Everyone is crowed into and over their space.   It is straight down and straight across but the overall affect is you can get easily lost in the middle.   You recognize the stalls on the outer edges, the same ones you pass to get in or out of the market.  Inside is a maze.

So this day I bought something and got back four or five euros more than I should have.  I was walking away and weaving through the crowd when I looked in my hand and saw I got too much back in the exchange, but you know, after so many years and times of getting screwed here, or doing good to someone there and seeing others win and lose a little, I just didn't worry about it.  When you are in the mix long enough you realize that things don't always work out to the penny, and when a guy loses a little here, he takes a little there.  It keeps running and changing and you have to keep moving and keep up as best you can.

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