Wednesday, March 26, 2014

president obama is in rome

president obama is in rome
just got here
tomorrow he goes around a bit.
today he is probably resting
so this has nothing to do with him.

thought about going to
the live web cam to wave to you,
but cause i didn't tell you ahead of time,

governo vecchio is a street, across the street
made it there
instead of Piazza Navona.
had a coffee at the old bar,
guy and his brother have run
since the mid fifties.
his very old brother wasn't there again today. 
i didn't ask.

cross the alley is the old public court,
a monster of a building 
being restored for ten years or more. 
i asked, the coffee bar guy -
said two men were doing the work. 
i said - it is going slowly.

at the corner saw our old laundry,
now a fashion boutique,
or words to that affect.

then stopped at the store
we usually shop;  the asparagus
was 3.79 for a bit.
It's still there if you
want to go pick it up.

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