Friday, March 13, 2015

James Bond

007 must be wiped out. He has been running around Rome for a month, mostly at night. I don't know what he does in the daytime, don't see him around, he never stops by. We've seen the filming lights set up along the river. People who've been up at night have had to wait to cross the bridge, or had to walk to the next bridge because Bond had things blocked up. I heard his helicopter for the last two nights. The engine sounds different from the ones we usually hear, it's a higher pitch. Some clips on-line showed the helicopter flying along the Tiber river. There are seventy foot tall stone walls on each side. The Chopper was following Bond cars racing along the sidewalk on one side. It was low over the river, between the walls, filming, flying backwards. Looked dangerous to me. You won't see that in the movie. Well, the secret agent is about out of here. Must have got the bad guys by now. A month, that's all it takes when you're Bond...James Bond.

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