Sunday, July 17, 2016

come on

We have this table that Franco built for us shortly after we moved here. I told him what I needed: a roughed-up pine table. He made it in the classic, primitive Italian style. I had it built to last, it’s the style he does all the time. When he asked for dimension, I had him make it quite long. It came out too long to carry up the stairway, we tried. Instead we tied a rope around it and pulled it up from the street to our window. It looked great but took up too much room in our small apartment, so last year I got tired of spinning it around, trying to make it fit, and took my saw and cut it almost a yard shorter. It's still roughly five and a half feet long. I could measure it and tell you exactly how long and wide it is in centimeters, I don't have a centimeter tape.  For us, the shorter table fits better in our room. I keep twisting and turning the furniture around to make our space as usable as possible. We learned from living on a boat for ten years; if you arrange stuff well, it'll finally fit. Or, you don’t have to throw stuff away, you can get a bigger place to live in. I've been editing my Rome book for two's getting close.

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