Sunday, February 25, 2018

now This site is cooling off. I am using the Wireless site for misc. and the warming trend for poetry

Friday, December 9, 2016

This site is cooling off. I am using the Wireless site for misc. and the warming trend for po etry

Friday, March 20, 2015


karma, luck, how it plays out. I've taken the 492 many times to get to Trionfale market. Maybe the driver had recognized me, maybe not. Anyway, I don't know why he lied when I asked if his bus stopped at Trionfale. I know I wasn't taking up his time, the question took a second. Did he think I was bothering him and deserved the answer he gave? I don't know. I backed down from the bus and waited on the street nearly a half hour before a 70 came by that took me to the market. I'm old, a foreigner and walk with a cane. I must be somewhat memorable to him, I'd taken his bus, well, the 492, many times. I was just confused that day, had already taken one wrong bus and had to walk many blocks to get to the right stop. I was asking because I didn't want to make another mistake. There are no places to sit when waiting for a bus in the middle of Rome. I was trying not to make another mistake and got rewarded with his lie. It wasted my time and tired me out standing there waiting for another bus. I didn't like that it happened to me. I guess that's why I'm writing about it now instead of telling you about the nice oranges and other fruit I got at the market. Those red oranges, the ones they make sprumata with, that's orange juice. They're from Spain and Sicily, those red ones, usually. They're good, have a sweetness that is soft and wonderful. Okay, that's the orange juice and the bus, and another day in paradiso. Today is already the next day. i wrote a poem or two about yesterday and wanted to add here that i returned to the market by bus today and all went well. i forgot to get prosciutto yesterday and picked it up today. eating in has been simpler with m. in ohio, not better, simpler. i eat what i can put in my mouth. Ohio, I went out for lunch to Guliano's on our street. Gino and I. I had a great plate of pasta, tornarelli with tuna. He cooks well. I hadn't been in his place since we used to get an occassional glass of wine. That was ten years ago. I'll go back again. He treated me like an old friend. we always got along well.